Airsports with a splash of Geospatial Science

I am a skydiver, BASE Jumper, and helicopter pilot from Washington State in the USA. I am also a Senior Parachute Rigger and an Accellerated Free Fall Instructor where I teach people how to complete their first skydives. Once these students have enough experience skydiving I also teach wingsuit first flight courses where they have an opportunity to fly a wingsuit for the first time.

This experience has afforded me the ability to participate in some extraordinary events and projects. I wanted to create a space where I could share my own excitement with anyone who is interested in some of the projects I am working on.

“When one man, for whatever reason, has the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life, he has no right to keep it to himself" – Jacques Yves Cousteau

My professional background is in geospatial software engineering. After working for Amazon Prime Air in it’s foundational years, my expertise in GIS has carried into my personal projects where I apply geospatial science to my passion for airsports.

In the Media


Take a look at some of my projects.

Terrain Ruggedness Pathfinder

Finding the easiest route up a mountain

Helmet Embedded Altimeter

Constant Altitude Awareness


How I got here

  • Unearth Labs


    Geospatial Engineering at Unearth

    In the midst of the pandemic I began to look for new opportunities in Engineering that would allow me to continue growing in GIS knowledge.

  • BASE Jumping at the Perrine Bridge Idaho


    First Base Jumps

    First BASE jumps with Sean Chuma at the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls Idaho

  • Braden in the Schweizer 300


    Became a Helicopter Pilot

    I became a helicopter pilot flying in the Schweizer S300. Since then I have also flown the Hiller UH-12, Aérospatiale Alouette, and Robinson helicopters.

  • First Wingsuit Jump


    First Wingsuit Skydives

    I stared wingsuiting at Skydive Kapowsin. Kasha Farrington took me on my first jumps in a Phoenix Fly Phantom 3

  • Amazon


    Amazon Prime Air

    As a software engineer at Amazon Prime Air I had the opportunity to create a host of geospatial services for the drone delivery program. This included a managing a geospatial database tracking all of the programs geo-located assets. Creating a service that provided terrain elevation data to various consumers in the program, as well as creating the 3d map and telemetry application that was used to command and monitor Amazon’s UAVs. This is also where my love of all things GIS started to bloom.

  • First Skydive


    First Skydives

    After about a year of packing parachutes I finally made the jump myself and completed my skydiving license.

  • Skydive Monterey Bay


    Parachute Packing

    Started packing parachutes at Skydive Monterey Bay while studying at the University of California Monterey Bay

My Team

Skydive Kapowsin

Nikko Mamallo

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