Satsop Nuclear Reactor

I had the opportunity to take flight around a nuclear reactor this weekend. The cooling towers were some of the most intimidating structures I've ever seen.

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Abandonment - Port of Seattle Jack Block Park

Abandonment and isolation are marked by separation from others; its bitter pain ceases in one final desertion, when a last breath flees the lifeless existence.

I got the chance to fly again today.
You'll be able to see a few barges as well as the Seattle skyline in the distance.

Credit where credit is due:
Thanks to my buddy Rob Kitson for scouting the location and my dad (Brian Roseborough) for writing the abstract.

Whistler Blackcomb

Whistler was beautiful. I didn't get a lot of time to fly but I did get in the air briefly.

Helicopter Flying

Enjoy some shots I took from a recent flight.

Wild Horses Monument

I drove out to the Wild Horses Monument today to shoot. Unfortunately the footage is pretty shaky. There were 14mph gusts on the peak, it was very windy. Anyhow I hope you enjoy what I got anyway.